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Learn the Fundamentals of Cybersecurity.

SANS Cyber Aces Online makes available, free and online, selected courses from the professional development curriculum offered by The SANS Institute, the global leader in cyber security training. SANS goal in making these courses available as open courseware is to help grow the talent pool and accelerate the rate at which skilled cyber professionals can enter the information security industry – filling mission critical jobs currently going unfilled.

The open courses are the same as those offered to information security professionals around the world and are focused on the fundamentals of cyber security. Our hope is that individuals, schools, teachers, businesses, and more will benefit from this offering and, ultimately, help strengthen the security of our nation. 

For anyone with an interest in learning more about making online information more secure, this course teaches the core concepts needed to understand, assess, and protect information security systems.

·         Workload: Online

·         Cost: Free

·         Next Offering: SANS Cyber Aces Online opens September 1, 2014

The month of October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month.  Leverage the occasion to heighten awareness of cyber threats, risks and actions we can all take to continue strengthening our cyber security landscape!

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