November 17, 2021 CPE Event

Topic: Cyber security and cyber law predictions, cyber security trends, the associated cyber security risks and what we can do to address those risks.

Join us for this presentation by ISACA members, Dr. Kimberlee Ann Brannock, HP Senior Security Advisor, and Mr. Michael Howard, HP Chief Security Advisor and Head of WW Security & Analytics Practice

Time and Location: November 17th, via Zoom Meeting 12:00-1:00pm

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Presentation Summary: ISACA members, Dr. Kimberlee Ann Brannock, HP Senior Security Advisor, and Mr. Michael Howard, HP Chief Security Advisor and Head of WW Security & Analytics Practice, will share their predictions, the trends they are seeing worldwide, along with the associated cyber security risk, and what will can do to address the risks.  We will provide real world examples, how to demonstrate good cyber hygiene by understanding how to identify, prioritize and respond to risks.  The discussion will include outlining the holistic relationship amongst technology, people and processes, establishing a security posture baseline and the development of a roadmap to plan, manage, and maintain control of your data and thus demonstrate due diligence and be better prepared for what is coming.  Some applied research will be shared to show where we are and where we need to go as it relates to cyber security.

Dr. Kimberlee Ann Brannock brings extensive knowledge and experience in Cyber Security , cyber law, IT, governance, risk, compliance, and privacy.  During her distinguished 21-year tenure at HP, Dr. Brannock has led the HP initiative toward stronger cyber security, stronger privacy, better and stronger cyber security governance, risk, compliance, including better and stronger cyber security services, processes, and procedures. Dr. Brannock has subsequently won several awards & recognitions.

Dr. Brannock is a member of the 3Go Security Advisory Board (  In addition, Dr. Brannock served on the HP Compliance Community Forum, the HP Federal Compliance Council, the HP Regulatory Compliance Review Board, the HP Policy Review Team, and the HP PCI Council (pre-split), and the PCI Security Standards Council Board of Advisors representing HP.

Dr. Brannock has led many global Cyber Security and IT Initiatives and led Separation Management Office activities prior to the Hewlett Packard split, focusing on Cyber Security with the aim of successfully supporting both companies leading to the split while determining the Cyber Security function in existence would move over to Hewlett Packard Enterprise, leading to a huge opportunity to build out the Cyber Security global function from scratch for HP Inc, which Dr. Brannock seized. Here, Dr. Brannock built HP’s Cyber Security global function from the ground up, as a result of Hewlett-Packard Company splitting from a $122 Billion USD company into two companies, each worth $50+ billion USD.  Dr. Brannock moved into the role of Senior Security Advisor in 2017 after serving as HP’s Cybersecurity Manager for Governance, Risk, Compliance, and Information Security.   Dr. Brannock began her career by building a family dot-com retail business, which her family liquidated and sold in mid-2000. In tandem, Dr. Brannock continued to work in technology security, advising with several companies, including HP (prior to joining HP), to help them understand issues such as IT consumption, governance, risk, compliance, cyber security, IT and Cyber Security budgeting, IT and Cyber Security strategy, innovation, IT implementation, IT operations and cyber security operations.

Dr. Brannock holds degrees in accounting, corporate accounting, business, business administration, management information systems, and a professional doctorate specializing in technology and law (jurisprudence) for which she received a distinguished scholar award. In addition, Dr. Brannock is pursuing a Doctor of Science in Cyber Security (all course work completed, dissertation approximately 50% complete).

Dr. Brannock holds several credentials, including the CGRCM-IT, CISA, CSOXM, and PMP.

Dr. Brannock participates in several organizations including ISACA, IAPP, ISSA, PMI, PCI , ISA, (ISC)², IEEE, ITI, SSC and in June 2017 finished serving more than two years on the PCI Security Standards Council Board of Advisors, which is a standards setting body for the payment card industry, which includes data security standards.

Michael Howard – Head of Security and Analytics Practice  In his role as a head of security analytics practice at HP, Michael heads a worldwide team of security professionals that supports HP’s growth around enterprise print security and business solutions.

In this role his team educates, evaluates risk through security audits and supports customers in creating comprehensive security policies to protect their printing environment while increasing the effectiveness of business solutions in a secure way. Michael also provides leadership working with the HP security business units and labs providing guidance around future development to ensure HP’s leadership role in security is maintained.

Prior to his security position at HP, Michael was a worldwide senior consultant with HP helping companies on development of secure output management and workflow solutions to increase the effectiveness of business solutions in their environments.

Michael began his career in the security and high technology field in 1981 with the U.S. Navy as a cryptologist. Over a 16-year period, he held numerous positions in Naval Intelligence in both operational and development roles working on projects to improve overall secure communications. Michael then worked directly with the Department of Defense in the security field for five years before joining private industry where his focus has been on enterprise security and business solutions for major corporations.

Michael serves as a member on the HP Security Advisory Board providing advice and leadership on current and future development at HP. Michael is a certified GIAC, CSCS and CHP professional as well as a certified cryptologist.