Boise IIA & ISACA December 2020 Virtual Event – Ethics

Please join the Boise IIA & ISACA Chapters, Tuesday, Dec 8, 2020, 11AM – 1PM (MST) in a virtual, 2 CPE, Ethics session.

Fees are for this session are

  • $25 for IIA & ISACA members,
  • $30 for non-members
  • $5 for students

A link to the event will be included in the registration confirmation email. We look forward to seeing you online, Tuesday, December 8. (The session will open 30 minutes prior to the presentation to resolve any technical issues attendees might experience.)

Much attention is paid to a company’s ethical (or unethical) conduct. Companies are led by people and people are making choices that drive the organization. Each individual makes a decision every day to proceed with honesty and integrity, or to choose deceit and subterfuge. These small daily choices, made by real people, comprise an entire company’s ethical identity. 

Ryck Tanner, Director, Leadership Learning & Development, J.R. Simplot Company, has devoted much of his career to building up individuals and organizations. Bringing intention, mindfulness and awareness to decision-making can make the difference between giving in to the temptation of a fraudulent quick win, and playing the long game to legitimate success.

November 18, 2020 CPE Event

TopicDigital Hygiene IS the fundamentals

Join us for this presentation by Scott Lyons, Co-CVO of Red Lion and Joshua Marpet, Co-CVO of Red Lion

Time and Location: November 18th, via Zoom Meeting 12:00-1:00pm

Please Note:  Zoom information will be sent in the RSVP Confirmation Email.

Summary:  Digital Hygiene is an important part of doing the fundamentals. As a matter of fact, it IS the fundamentals! Whether patch management, vulnerability management, configuration management, or change management, you’ll notice that the word management is all over the place in Digital Hygiene! That’s because all of the fundamentals involve management of your organization’s policies, procedures, and technical control implementation. Let’s talk about how digital hygiene should integrate with all of your risk management activities, and discuss how doing the fundamentals of information security puts you ahead of the competition!

Scott Lyons:

  • Co-CVO of Red Lion
  • Patent-pending author for Blockchain based Digital Forensics System
  • Certification holder (won’t say which, CIS-Something or other)
  • 25 years in technology with 23 in security
  • Co-Host Security and Compliance Weekly
  • MISTI Certified Trainer
  • Just a guy looking to make an impact…
  • Focus: Business and Technology.
  • Sandtrooper in the 501st

Joshua Marpet

  • Co-CVO of Red Lion
  • Internationally renowned Digital Forensics Expert
  • IANS Faculty
  • Co-Host of Security and Compliance Weekly, Over 7000 views weekly
  • Patent-pending author for Blockchain based Digital Forensics System
  • Honored as one of the Top 10 most influential people in BSides
  • Former board member Hackers For Charity, BSidesLV, and others.
  • Current Board member BSidesDE, BSidesDC, and others
  • Proud father, husband, and mentor.
  • Cryptography and systems design are Josh’s hobbies