February 20, 2019 CPE Luncheon

Topic: Data Analytics

Join us for this presentation by Jose Vazquez Ortiz

Time and Location: February 20th, at Boise Plaza, 1111 West Jefferson, Room 2NE @ 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM.

Summary:  Data Analytics

  • What is Data Analytics
  • Approach taken based on prior experiences
  • Where to apply data analytics
  • Real life examples
  • Tools
  • Lessons Learned along the way

Jose Vazquez Ortiz graduated from Boise State University with an Accounting & Finance Major, and is a certified internal auditor.  He spent the last six years of his professional career working in Internal Audit, with a focus on implementing data analytics.  He has developed models that have helped identify frauds that have led to prosecution, assisted in continuous risk and control performance monitoring, identification duplicate records such as accounts payable, or models to support the business among others.  In his former company, these developments helped him earn CFO Innovation recognition, and one model being published as an example on the CEB Global Audit Leadership Council website.