September 19, 2018 CPE Luncheon

Topic:  Blockchain

Join us for this presentation by Peter Anewalt (Uledger)

Time and Location: September 19th, at Boise Plaza, 1111 West Jefferson @ 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM.

There will be no cost to attend the CPE event.

Summary:  Pete’s presentation will include an overview of Blockchain technology, its use as a foundation for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, and its applicability to enterprise (business and government) use cases.

Pete Anewalt is a Co-founder and serves as Chief Operating Officer for ULedger, a Boise-based technology company building a Blockchain platform for the enterprise.  Blockchain is a distributed-ledger technology that creates a history of data, corroborated by other networked entities, that can never be changed or tampered with.  ULedger is focused on helping enterprises to easily leverage this technology to provide greater levels of data integrity to their existing data infrastructure.

As COO for ULedger, Pete manages product development, customer success, marketing and sales.  Prior to ULedger, Pete served as SVP, Professional Services and Customer Success for Balihoo, a Boise-based software company focused on the scaling and automation of local digital marketing campaigns.  Prior to Balihoo, Pete was SVP of Global Services for Unica, a Waltham-MA based provider of marketing automation solutions.  Unica was acquired by IBM in 2010 and remains a cornerstone of IBM’s Smarter Commerce division.