2017 ISACA Boise Ethics Seminar

Date:            Thursday, December 7, 2:00pm – 4:00pm

CPEs:           2 ethics-related CPE hours


  • $35 members and sisters organizations
  • $50 nonmembers
  • $20 retired members and students

Location:     Idaho Power Company, 1221 W Idaho St, Boise ID

The broad topic of ethics will be addressed and presented from a situational point of view.

Well-defined values make decisions tougher

  • Is it right to provide our children with the best educational opportunities – and right to prevent increasing state and local taxes to do so?
  • Is it right to honor a woman’s right to make decisions affecting her body and right to protect the lives of the unborn?
  • Is it right to refrain from meddling in the affairs of sovereign nations – and right to help protect the undefended in warring regions where they are subject to slaughter?
  • It is right to bench the star quarterback caught drinking the night before the championship game – and right to field the best team possible?
  • Is it right to resist the importation of products made in developing nations to the detriment of the environment – and right to provide jobs, even at low wages, for citizens of those nations?

Compare Right versus Wrong situations with Right versus Right

Right versus Right dilemmas are compounded by the situational nature

As professionals, we have firmly established beliefs based upon core values developed from family, culture, religion, environment, and education. However, applying those beliefs can be rather inconsistent depending upon the ethical situation confronted. This seminar will present situations where the difficult choice of right versus right is encountered in four situational dilemmas:

  • Truth versus loyalty
  • Individual versus community
  • Short-term versus long-term
  • Justice versus mercy


John Bernardo is the Sustainability Strategist for Idaho Power Company. He identifies and implements sustainability initiatives into the company culture, oversees reporting to national, international and investment-based organizations, promotes (CSR) Corporate Social Responsibility internally and externally, and manages the production of the annual sustainability report.

He holds two degrees from The Pennsylvania State University (Environmental Resource Management and Biology) and a Masters of Education in Science Education from Clarion University of Pennsylvania.

John is also Executive in Residence at the Boise State University College of Business and Economics and teaches a class on Ethics and Corporate Responsibility. He is an avid mountain biker, an archery enthusiast, and once he even got to play “The Puzzle” on NPR with Will Shortz