March 15, 2017 CPE Luncheon

Topic: Cybersecurity – Now It’s Personal

Join us for this presentation by Daniel Johnson, Internal IT Auditor, Boise Cascade

Time and Location: March 15th, at Boise Plaza, 1111 West Jefferson @ 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM.

Presentation Summary: “Cybersecurity – Now It’s Personal” is an hour-long discussion on what individuals need to know about how cybersecurity can affect them away from the office and what safeguards they should be implementing to stay safe. We’ll cover some basics like the cybersecurity landscape, passwords, and phishing. Then we will look at personal data encryption, lost/stolen/end-of-life device security, and the Internet of Things at a “what it means to me” level. Whether you’re a complete cybersecurity noob or a professional security specialist, there will be something for everyone to take home from this event.

Daniel Johnson has seven years’ experience as an external IT auditor with Pricewaterhouse Coopers where he worked for clients such as Nike, Xerox, and Microsoft before becoming an internal IT auditor for Boise Inc / Boise Cascade in 2012. Daniel has always had an interest in security, particularly cybersecurity and is currently on a company cybersecurity awareness team that prevents, tracks, and responds to company incidents and raises awareness for employees.