January 18, 2017 CPE Luncheon

Topic: Integrating Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI)

Join us for this presentation by Ken Dunham, Senior Director, Technical Cyber Threat Intelligence

Time and Location: January 18h, at Boise Plaza, 1111 West Jefferson @ 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM.

Presentation Summary:

While the industry is just now starting to adopt components of Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI), Ken Dunham has specialized in helping organizations with CTI for the last 15 years. As a leading global expert, Mr. Dunham will share insights with the audience on what works and what doesn’t work when an organization attempts to integrate CTI into their risk management practice. CTI is much more than millions of indicators of compromise and information from public and private data sources. It involves a process that must be closely married to an enterprise risk management practice customized for an organization. CTI is not for immature organizations due to resources it requires for success. CTI doesn’t come in a box and can’t be sold outright as a service of product, it requires organization commitment and application. Successful organizations already have an enterprise level risk management strategy and understand how they are both ready for and will ingest CTI to lower risk. Mr. Dunham will also share several examples of how organizations have failed and succeeded to integrate CTI. Lessons from the real world help the participant to glean wisdom and orientation for implementing CTI in their own organization..

Ken Dunham, Senior Director, Technical Cyber Threat Intelligence
Ken Dunham brings more than 27 years of business, technical and leadership experience in cyber security, incident response and cyber threat intelligence to his position as senior director of technical cyber threat intelligence for Optiv. In this role, he is responsible for the strategy and technical leadership to mature Optiv’s data integration and innovation of intelligence-based security solutions.

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